I, _____________________ , promise to take care of
my dog, ________________ , during his/her whole
lifetime. I will teach my dog to trust me by treating
him with love and respect. I will be kind, gentle, and
generous to my dog at all times. I will be responsible
for providing him with the things that he needs to be
healthy and happy. I am making this commitment to
my dog.

I will give food and water to my dog in a clean dish
I will make sure my dog has shelter from hot, cold,
and wet weather.
I will make sure my dog sees a veterinarian for
shots and checkups.
I will provide a collar and ID tag for my dog to wear
at all times.
I will keep my dog from running loose in the
I will make sure my dog gets obedience training so
he behaves well.
I will keep my dog clean and brushed and lookin'
I will spend time everyday with my dog playing, or
going for a walk.
I will always protect my dog from people or things
that might hurt him.

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